La La Land: How To Chase A Fool’s Dream

There’s so much to learn from the beautiful, 14-Oscars nominated movie; La La Land.

Damian Chazelle, 32, does an excellent job bringing such a powerful story to the screens. La La Land tells the story of the two aspiring artists in pursuit of their dreams. They fall in love along the way and sadly separate, yet in pursuit of their dreams. To many, the story is heart-breaking. It leaves many to wonder if dreams destroy love and why love can’t stand the test of time when dreams start becoming true.

In the end, we see Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) reflecting on the possibilities of what could have been.

Let’s examine these possibilities for a moment;

He could have followed the omens

When love happens, it brings two hearts together and they beat as one. Mia got the role that required her to travel to Paris. Common Sebastian, you even suggested to her that there’s jazz in Paris and she would have fun there. But she doesn’t want to experience this all by herself. She wanted you both to experience it together. With reference to Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist “Follow the omens” means he should have gone to Paris with Mia. He would have met some awesome jazz crew, Mia would be successful and they’d get married.

A lot of dream chasers make the mistake of thinking chasing dreams sometimes means giving up on love. No! If the timing aligns, if the universe is gracious to offer an opportunity that can accommodate two, then take it. Follow the omens!

Love endures all things

Dear Sebastian, while you were pursuing your dreams, going on tour with Keith (John Legend) Mia stayed! She didn’t stay because her big break wasn’t up yet. She stayed because she loved you and was supporting you. Even then, she stilled chased her dreams and you missed her audition.

Love endures all things. Sebastian should have gone to Paris with Mia.

Let’s sing along from “La La Land” soundtracks!

The movie’s scores are so beautiful. The songs and all performances were near perfect. Here’s a list of all the songs in the movie;

  1. Another Day of Sun (Marius de Varies, Angela Parrish, Sam Stone, Nicholai Baxter & Briana Lee)
  2. Someone In The Crowd (Emma Stone, Sonoya Mizuno, Callie Hernandez & Jessica Rothe)
  3. Mia & Sebastian’s Theme (Justin Hurwitz)
  4. A Lovely Night (Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling)
  5. Herman’s Habit (Justin Hurwitz)
  6. City Of Stars (Ryan Gosling)
  7. Planetarium (Justin Hurwitz)
  8. Summer Montage/Madeline (Justin Hurwitz)
  9. Start A Fire (John Legend)
  10. Engagement Party (Justin Hurwitz)
  11. Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (Emma Stone)
  12. Epilogue (Justin Hurwitz)
  13. The End (Justin Hurwitz)

And we have the brilliant Justin Hurwitz, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to thank for such harmonious ensemble.

So here’s our round-up on how to chase a fool’s dream:

1. Never fail to show up

Sebastian & Mia gave all they had to realize their dreams. Sebastian played in the most uncomfortable events. Mia hosted a solo play that had an audience of about 7 or 8 folks. They woke up every day and took one step closer to doing something in line with their dreams.

2. Embrace all the love in your path

When you find love in the path of your journey, do not hesitate to embrace it. Have an open mind toward the experiences the universe throws your way. When you fall in love helplessly, fight for it. Keep it. Make it work.

3. Learn from the experiences

Life will throw your way, all shades of lemon. You are encouraged to accept these lemons and make the best lemonade ever. Each moment you invest your dreams into the Universe, the universe will in turn, re-align to bring your dreams to fruition. This means bringing all experiences your way that may not necessarily be smooth or pleasant.

4. Let your dream generate the passion that drives you

If the dream is to own a jazz club, get excited at every opportunity to play. Go for gigs. Fellowship with people of like minds. Find ways to be better. Pitch brilliant jazzy ideas to investors that may be interested in some kind of partnership.

Never give up on your dream. Stay true to it. 5 years later in the movie, Sebastian owned a Jazz club. His dream had come true. Same with Mia, who had become a famous actress and has a family.

5. Make your peace with depression

You must understand that at some point in this journey, you may hit an all-time low. You may be broke, homeless and a victim all the insults you never imagined. This period will come. Life operates on the principle of balance. If as you invest only positive energy into the universe, the universe will bring some negative, depressing experiences your way. It’s only a phase, a buffer, it will pass.

Featured photo credit: La La Land via Sreen Rant