Why Men Cheat And How To Make Them Stop

For Christ’s sake men are ‘wired’ to cheat! The earliest women embrace this truth the best season of peace for us all. Men cheat. Did I hear someone say “Women cheat too”? Yes, you’re right, but women’s mental state of cheating is by choice. Unlike men, women are not wired to cheat but their decision to do so is mainly by personal choice.

So is there anyone here looking for a solution? Women looking for a solution to make sure their men don’t cheat anymore? Anyone in here? Raise your hands up so I can see ‘em…counting 1, 2, 3, 4…11…17 hmmm quite a number. Okay, I’ll help you out with some therapy.

1. Are you his physical spec?

If you are chubby and he glances at every slim girl that walks by, just go home, pack your stuff and leave! Except you love him so much then you must hit the gym like right now! Stop reading, you’ll continue when you get back. Just go on to the gym, continue reading when you get back. Thanks.

(The affected ones are gone), I love chubby! All the chubby ladies in the house raise your hands & wave ‘em like you just don’t care! Chubby is fine. It is healthy with all the assets to grab. Waist, curves, thighs and legs that won’t quit! Yes!

Anyways, men are moved by what they see! We are proud visual beings. It is important to make sure that you are his spec (specification). That he is physically attracted to you. That he literally worships your body. If you are his spec, congratulations! If you are not, he’ll cheat until wisdom shows you the door!

2. Are you his beauty?

Men are lovers of all things beautiful, yes, but we all don’t like same things. Some men like dark skinned women, others may like light skinned women while some others are completely indifferent. You have to launch your FBI mode and find out your man’s category of interest. It is most important that you make this discovery. If he loves your dark skin and due to your personal insecurity you decide to bleach your skin, you will lose that man.

Are you his beauty? Find out! Else, #CheatModeLoading #CheatModeActivated

3. Are you intelligent?

Men love intelligent women (I said Men because not everyone that identifies as ‘Male’ is a Man). Dear Ladies, please for the sake of all the time you spend staring at the mirror, have some brain! Men love intellectual stimulation and any woman that offers that is the ultimate ‘Bae of Life’.

Being intelligent means you’re smart. He can discuss work, career, and life issues with you. You’re his primary life coach and intellectual confidant. Men with a woman like that will only cheat on her with her. She’s Bae!

4. The home front

The home front is made up of 3 major categories; Spirituality, Food & Sex. Your test score at home front determines how long your relationship will last. When a man says “I don’t mind if you can’t cook” he is lying from his grandmother’s grave! ‘Cause he’ll soon visit a lady that will cook him some nice meal. The fight to win the heart of good men is highly competitive. You must be your best at all times while also trying to better in areas of weakness.

You are encouraged to ensure your test scores at home front are off the charts! Else, #CheatModeLoading #CheatModeActivated

5. Are you his friend?

Men are lovers of peace. There’s a whole lot of battle out there in the world space. You must be his peace and his place of refuge. You should have those nonjudgemental pair of listening ears. Be his comfort zone.
Dear Ladies, if you score 60% in each of the 5 points above, your man will never, in this life or the next, cheat on you! I guarantee you this! In fact consider this article a lifetime warranty! To those who believe no woman can ever completely satisfy a man, think again.

Enjoy a beautiful life ahead.

NB: Men in this post refer to responsible, respectful and intelligent members of the ‘Male’ gender. Not hoodlums and vagabonds who fill online forms and identify as “Male”.

Featured photo credit: Huffington Post